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Friday, August 14, 2020

Welcome To TaskCause!!



You found us— Welcome!

You can help end or mend the divide in our local communities by involving your community of supporters in Giving by Doing.

TaskCause.com Bringing nonprofits and supporters together through Giving by Doing. gives people a shared cause to work and support together. It’s a place –actually, it’s an app– where nonprofits can more easily reach an audience, raise money, engage their community.

Best of all, it’s rather fun!

You found us in the opening moments of a long, productive, enjoyable journey. At least that’s the plan. Brand new in 2019, TaskCause helps connect nonprofits and the people who love them.

Before you do anything else, bookmark this site (CTRL-D) so you can find us easily. Thanks.

We’re very optimistic around here. The world may not be right now, but we sure are!

We’ve created a place where people discover or find a local nonprofit organization, request a task that needs to be done, and broadcast a message to people nearby that they’re willing to spend money to get something done.

• Someone uses the app to schedule a time and does the work.

• When completed, you pay them, and a portion goes to your designated nonprofit. The worker knows about this ahead of time, of course.

• Feeling good about life, they tell some friends, the cycle repeats, and before long, you’re growing community!

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